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Amish Acres Historic Farm and Heritage Resort

1600 West Market Street

Amish Acres Historic Farm & Heritage Resort in Nappanee, Indiana celebrates historic preservation through education, enlightenment and entertainment. To make your visit enjoyable use this index of attractions as your guide. Whether you come for the day, stay for a play, spend the night, Amish Acres and Northern Indiana Amish Country are at your finger tips.

The farmstead is listed in The National Register of Historic Places. It was homesteaded by the first Amish settlers to Indiana. Barbara Stahly brought her sons to Elkhart County in 1839. By 1873 Barbara’s son Christian had purchased land for his son Moses to begin clearing the land and farming the soil.

Since its split from the Swiss Brethren in 1693 the Amish have been practicing conservation as an integral part of their rural lifestyle. Conservation of resources simply common sense. In today’s modern world it seems necessary to label conservation as green and hold seminars and summits to discuss it. Such events are seldom attended by Amish farmers.

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