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Angel Mounds State Historic Site

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The Angel Mounds Story

For over a thousand years, Southwestern Indiana was home to many Native Americans. Today, Angel Mounds State Historic Site is nationally recognized as one of the best preserved prehistoric Native American sites in the United States. From 1100 to 1450 A. D., a town on this site was home to people of the Middle Mississippian culture, who engaged in hunting and farming on the rich bottom lands of the Ohio River. Several thousand people lived in this town protected by a stockade made of wattle and daub. Because Angel Mounds was a chiefdom (the home of the chief) it was the regional center of a large community that grew outward from it for many miles.

This settlement was the largest known town of its time in Indiana, but the Mississippian people eventually deserted it. No one today knows why. Fortunately, preservation and archaeological efforts at Angel Mounds State Historic Site offer a glimpse into this highly developed culture of the distant past. For 60 years, this living museum has told the story of one pre-contact Native American culture on the Ohio River.
Characteristic of their culture, the Mississippian people at Angel built mounds in their town. In chiefdoms like Angel, the high-status families lived and were sometimes buried on top of some of the mounds. Priests and chiefs carried out ceremonies and rituals on the large temple mounds that dominated the town. Some of the mounds at Angel have been excavated by archaeologists, and they contain evidence of being many things: site of the chief's residence, religious and burial locations, garbage dumps, even natural elevations.

The term "Mississippian" refers to an American Indian culture that began around 800 A. D. It eventually covered the Southeastern United States from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic. People of this culture occupied the site at Angel from as early as 1100 A. D.


Chuck Benslay

Sunday, March 18, 2018
The museum was very informative and the staff was friendly. The descriptions were very well done and I learned a lot. The mounds and grounds are very easy to see and are all within a short walk on the trails. Unfortunately, many of the museum descriptions and information pieces were very difficult to read. The lighting was not very good. I found myself trying to move to the side a lot to get out of my own shadow to read. I spoke with a staff member and she acknowledged the problem. She explained that they were given a grant for LED lighting but they kept overheating and shutting off. She said they were searching for funding to redo all of the lighting and possibly even the 17 year old displays entirely. She said the 11 state historic sites need about a million more per year to maintain what they have. So, buy a souvenir and help em out!

Kitty Taylor

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Great trails. Great running course. Good educational system

P Carlisle

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
It was tight dog! Museum, big field, walking trails and learning new tangs yo. Good place to kill some some time and take my mind off how hard the streets of newburgh are. You would really think there is a lot of crime there judging by the overabundance of police. But there isnt. There is however an overabundance of public funds being wasted in that county

AnubisRah Valek

Sunday, May 6, 2018
It is a historically important place and educational as well and just a beautiful place to walk and see some of the wildlife...i say thank you to the native Americans for sharing it with is all

Kim Duckworth

Thursday, May 10, 2018
I was actually not hiking but searching for the end of the rainbow after the storm receded. But it is a great place to hike.

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