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Indianapolis - Caribbean Cove Waterpark

3850 DePauw Boulevard

Gather up your little squirts and jump into a 50,000 square foot tropical explosion of year round water fun where you will find an island full of squirts, sprays, slides and surprises. No matter the season, it is alway summery inside Caribbean Cove Indoor Water Park. Drift lazily around the park on our leisure river. Relax in our spas or explore Castaway Bay Interactive Island. Then hold on tight for the ride of your life on two 40-feet tall by more than 267-feet long aqua whiz tube slides. These slides shoot guests outside the water park, around the building and back inside the park... before final splashdown into the plunge pool.


Zachary R

Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018
This place was great smelled like weed our whole stay and the only downside to the water park that I could see was that it wasn't open. But that gave my family more time to stay in the dirty moldy rooms with no hot water .

Dick McCurry

Sunday, Oct. 22, 2017
I don’t think there is any possible way I can describe the horrific time I had the misfortune of experiencing at this sorry excuse for a hotel. I foolishly arrived with high hopes. The pictures looked great, there is a water park, a restaurant and it’s a short drive to downtown Indianapolis. What could possibly go wrong? When I walked in I was pleased to see that the lobby was just as nice as I had hoped. It immediately made me question why the parking lot was empty and the hotel looked like a ghost town. This question was quickly answered. My wife and I waited 15 minutes at the empty check in desk. While we waited we noticed a sign that said the water park was closed for maintenance. Finally the only employee I saw the entire night emerged from across the hallway shoveling snacks into his mouth and stared “I figured you’d be waiting on me”. We were booked for 2 nights at a rate of $89 per night. Using this math of $178 for 2 nights I assumed the cost to be about $200 with tax. You can imagine my surprise when he handed me a rate agreement form to sign that had the cost at just over $238. I asked him how this was possible and requested to see a breakdown of the charges he said he can’t do that. I asked if they charged a resort fee or something because I find it hard to believe that The Indiana tax rate was causing me to pay an additional $60. Plus the water park was closed so what right would they have to charge a resort fee? Once again he said “I don’t know” and refuses to give me a breakdown on the charges. Because he would not give me the keys without signing the form and we drove from out of state, I decided to bite the bullet and sign. That’s when the real nightmare began. As we walk to our room we noticed water damage and structural damage everywhere. When we open our room the immediate smell of mold and mildew hit me in the face. The sheets that I can only assume used to be white were disgusting and riddled with stains and dirt. The bathroom was in equally bad shape. The carpet had delightful mystery stains all over it. And the ceiling appeared to have some kind of mildew or mold. Additional mold was found on the walls of the bathroom. I opened up the curtains of the window in order to brighten up the room and get a better view but was unfortunately met by the lovely view of yet another damaged wall in a dark hallway. There was no way we were going to spend a night in these conditions for any amount of money not to mention the overcharged amount that we received. We grabbed our bags and headed to the front to cancel our stay. It should have been no surprise that we once again had to wait at the empty desk. Finally the same employee that checked us in came to the desk. He seemed unsurprised and completely unconcerned that we were canceling our plans. I placed my keys on the counter and asked if there was anything I needed to sign. He said “no” I was surprised so I asked a second time if he was sure there wasn’t something I needed to sign to cancel. He once again said “no” so my wife and I left. Once we drove out of the parking lot and across the street to another hotel, he chased us down on foot and yelled from across the street “you need to come back and sign something!” Yeah... big surprise there. Luckily we made the quick decision to leave this place and therefore this was the end of the nightmare for us. I can only imagine what it would have been like if we would have stayed.

Michael Orth

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Almost a surreal experience. It isn't horrible like some have suggested, but it does seems eerily abandoned. The check-in was great. Super kind! Room service on day one was non-existent, even after we asked.

Jon Thurston

Friday, Sep. 1, 2017
Worst stay ever, no one is even in this place, it is so haunted and weird. Do not use this hotel, my credit card was considered compromised when staying at this place. Had to go into the bank and get my card re-authorized again. Place was dirty, dusty, like it is not lived in at all. If you want an idea what it is like, watch the Shining long hallway scene with the twins. In addition I had gotten bed bug bites, bed was uncomfortable, old and have never been updated. DO NOT STAY HERE AT ALL, RUN AWAY!!

Hannah Crawford

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017
Easily the eeriest hotel I've ever stayed at. Didn't see any other guests during my stay and the atmosphere felt lonely and abandoned. Took like 25 minutes to check in bc they were having "technical issues" w the computer and printer. Was then told that the cable was down. They didn't mention that the indoor water park that they boast about on their site was also closed or the a.c. and elevators weren't working. Does anything work here?

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