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Fruitshine Wine

Fruitshine Wine
11752 W 1100 , N

Open: May - October

Our Winery is located on a farmstead, established in 1890, in Carroll County, Indiana. We purchased the farm in 1999 and immediately planted fruit trees to add to the orchard. As time passed, the fruit we didn't sell we started turning into wine. I use the same wine-making techniques passed down from my Spanish great-grandma and grandma, who used to make wine for the family. We started sharing our wine with family and friends to re-establish the tradition. Soon it became apparent to us that there was a great demand for our fruit wine. 

We decided to open our winery to share our family tradition with everyone. We use only local, hand-picked, tree ripened fruit in the production of our hand-crafted, artisan created, small batch wines. No concentrates used here, just honest seasonal fruit. There is 1.5 lbs of tree ripened fruit in every jar we craft. It is a lot of fruit, but we refuse to compromise the integrity of great-grandmas wine. This is accomplished by refusing to use less fruit or lower quality ingredients. When we stand in the orchard, pick a peach, bite into it, and the juice drips out, that is the day we harvest the fruit. This is turned into wine that captures the fresh flavor in a jar. We believe the great taste of fresh fruit produces the best tasting wines. 

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