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Starlight - Joe Huber's Family Farm and Restaurant

2421 Engle Road

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The Joe Huber Family Farm and Restaurant now has the 7th generation of descendents included in our family farm operation. Our goal has always been to create an atmosphere where everyone young and old can enjoy a day with us here on our farm. Come and experience a "Taste of the Country" where everyone is treated like "Family."


Simon Huber migrated from Baden-Baden, Germany in 1843 and settled in Starlight, Indiana with apple trees ready to plant. The eighth generation of Huber’s now live here in Starlight.

Joseph Huber, Sr. (fourth generation) and his wife Mary, Purchased what is now the Joe Huber Family Farm in 1926. They became the proud parents of eleven children while they raised cattle and chickens. Mary dressed the chickens as needed for lunch and supper and the boys milked the cows daily. Back then, many of the farm hands resided at the farmhouse with the rest of the family during harvest, and Mary prepared three full meals each day for all. Eggs were fried up fresh from the barnyard for breakfast and everyone loved Grandma Mary’s chicken and dumplings for lunch. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, a variety of fresh vegetables from the garden, homemade rolls, fresh fruit pies and cobblers weren’t unusual fare for supper.

When Joseph, Sr. passed away in 1967, Joe and Bonnie purchased the 200 acre Farm, moved into the old farmhouse and Joe, Jr. quit his job at the Gas Company to become a full time farmer.

So….that’s how and when it all started. People came by the carloads to the Farm to pick their own while Joe and Bonnie’s children looked at each other bewildered, not believing that these “city people” thought that picking fruits and vegetables was fun! The garage next to the farmhouse was transformed into a market and soon afterward, the Farm Market was constructed.

We built the Restaurant in July 1983 and offered fare very similar to that Mary Huber served to her farm hands in the 1920′s and 1930′s. No, we no longer raise and dress our own chickens, but we do serve only fresh chicken and no, we no longer milk or butcher our own cows, but we still raise a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on our Farm with a little help from modern technology and a lot of help from our customers.


Karen Miller

Friday, April 6, 2018
Going to the winery is an amazing experience. You walk in and see crates and crates of wine bottles. All varieties and all flavors available year-round. Go upstairs and do a wine tasting. It's $10 for seven different ones and $2 each if you go over the seven. You can also get a souvenir glass for $2. There is a huge assortment of wine accessories available for purchase upstairs also. Anything from purse holders for your bar, wine stoppers with rhinestones and t-shirts. There is also a cafe on the first floor of the winery. Good food and great atmosphere. Other buildings in the same parking lot include the farmers market and the ice cream shop. You have to check those out when you're there. In the summer there is usually a live band out on the patio which also has patio seating.

Tyler Green

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
My extended family loves coming here for holiday buffets. The food is fairly decent despite being massively overpriced. I can justify this as supply and demand however because they attract huge crowds for the holidays. I'd like if they gave something to make the food feel as though it actually came from the farm whether it be real ice cream instead of the cafeteria style cups or some sort of farm fresh fruit. I just can't reconcile that it's called a family farm restaurant and the only farm thing about it is being inside a barn. And since we pay such a premium to come it bothers me that they massively overbook it and you stand in line for 30 minutes with a reservation. I love the grounds here but even as they herd probably thousands of people through at over 20 dollars a head they don't find it worthwhile to open a petting zoo or any of the rides. It just feels greedy. They have to start offering something so that you feel like you've gotten value out of your money.

Tyler Wilson

Sunday, April 1, 2018
My wife and I like to come every year and pick out our own pumpkins. If you get there right around when they open, there is never a wait and you can come and go from the patch with ease. The farmers market also has a lot of great deals and I usually pick up some honey crisp apples while we are there. Definitely recommend.

Alisha M

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Perfect place to go when you want a really southern home cooked meal. You will never leave hungry. Great place to take the whole family. Lots of things to do at Hubers besides eat like pick pumpkins in the fall and visit thier winery for wine tasting.

yasin ramazan

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
Very delicious and healthy food served in an attractive atmosphere. None of the farm activities was running when we got there because it was still cold, but walking around the farm was also nice.

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