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Killer Skate Park & Shop

Killer Skate Park & Shop
1315 North Cullen Avenue

The KILLER Ramp which is a 4ft spine that has 6ft sections, step up gap, wallie ledge, 3ft qtr pipe & 4ft qtr pipe.

Park also Features:

  • "Waterfall" - 8 ft Vertwall sitting ontop of a roll-in down to the Kinked Handrail & Hubba Ledges with Stairs / Euro Gap
  • Pyramid with Hubbas
  • Bank to Bank Wall & Speed Ramp
  • Bank to Ledge with Love Seat
  • Big Bank with Parking Curbs & Wall Ride
  • Grind Boxes, Ledges, Movable Launch Ramp
  • Multiple Grind Rails.
  • Steep Jersey Barrier
  • 2ft Micro Mini Ramp & more!

We've got everything to keep you rolling! Shoes, Decks, Wheels, Trucks, Bearings, Clothing, Videos, Longboards, Cruisers, Safety Gear & More!

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