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Morris-Butler House

1204 N. Park Avenue


The Morris-Butler House in Indianapolis takes its name from two families who lived there in the nineteenth century. In 1864, John Morris commissioned the construction of his home on land once owned by Ovid Butler, the founder of Butler University.

Morris was one of the first to move to the new suburb north of downtown. The area quickly became the city's most fashionable place to live. The Morris family occupied the house until 1878. Noble Butler, a bankruptcy lawyer, moved into the Second Empire-style house three years later with his wife and seven children. The family stayed until Florence Butler, the youngest daughter, died in 1957. Her survivors emptied the house and held an estate auction.


Carmen Proffitt

Sunday, Sep. 10, 2017

One star for a badly layed out web page. We went there in May. According to the scanty info I was able to find on the website (which is not good) it was supposed to be open and operating tours. We went around the house and knocked on some doors and called all of the numbers we could find and no answer at all. I want to go back in Oct and cannot for the life of me find out when or if there are tours. TOTALLY AGGRAVATING!!! When I go to a website for tour info I want to click on it and only the info for that comes up and not 10 other things. Also I don't want to have to hunt and peck for info that should be clearly and prominently displayed on page one!!

Angela DeCamp

Tuesday, Sep. 6, 2016

Beautiful house but completely disappointing that they no longer allow public tours of this impressive historical gem (especially when they have a large welcome sign out front). I'm sure this is a lovely wedding venue. Really would love it if they offered a way to see this place without having to rent it out.

Jacob Friend

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Good Venue for a wedding. Lots of lawn space for reception/ceremony area. House is air conditioned for protection during hot summer/fall months.

Benjamin Judah

Thursday, Aug. 31, 2017

Beautiful architecture

Amanda Grube

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018

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