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Santa Claus Museum and Village

Santa Claus Museum and Village
69 State Road 245

Mission Statement:

The Mission of Santa’s Elves and Santa Claus Museum is to preserve, interpret, and exhibit the cultural and natural history of the town of Santa Claus, IN and to perpetuate the tradition of Santa’s Elves, Inc answering letters to Santa.

Vision Statement:

The Vision of Santa’s Elves and Santa Claus Museum includes:

 - An accredited Museum which provides:
   · Historical information
   · Educational opportunities
   · Hands-on experiences

- A fiscal foundation which has:
   · A fund established in the Spencer County Community Foundation
   · Substantial donors that cover operating expenses
   · Fixed assets account
   · Accounting records in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

- Continued growth which entails:
   · Visitors increasing 5% annually
   · Memberships increasing 10% annually
   · Adequate volunteers to staff the Museum during hours of operation
   · Exhibits that are interactive, changing, refreshing, updated, expanding, and dynamic

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