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Marion - Splash House

2601 South Adams Street

Splash House is a water park in Marion, Indiana. The park boasts having the highest surf-able wave in Indiana with the almost brand new wave pool. Other features of the park include slides, lazy river, kiddie area, and whirlpool. The Splash House employs over 70 employees every summer from lifeguards, concessions, to front desk.   

Splash House Features:

Wave Pool
The Big Flush
Lazy River
Bucket Dump
Concession Stand


Breanna Surber

Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018
Good place to go. Clean, just wish the lifeguards would be more uniform.. they'll let some people do things but will kick other people out for doing the same thing and it has nothing to do with swimming abilities. Slot of the time they are more worried about flirting wish each other rather than doing their jobs and when you try to be friendly with them they turn their noses up at you.

Bill Pickelheimer

Sunday, July 2, 2017
Amazing quiet and just tucked away in an easy to get to in a small town minutes away from main highways. Very clean,friendly, and one of the most affordable places to visit and the concessions are priced very low for very good products. One of Indiana's best kept little lines, plenty of room and cool water ,bring the kids, mom dad , and the grandparents. Loved the place

Debra James

Monday, June 26, 2017
I'm a 54 yr old women who went with my daughter and grand daughter to wave pool. I got knocked down in 3 foot of water and about drown because I couldn't vet back up. The life guards did nothing. The water bashed me all the way in to where I could finally sit up. I have cuts and bruises everywhere. This is way to dangerous for young kids and swimmers. I've k own how to swim for years and if neat killed me!!!! I would not recommend. So t be going back!!!!!!!

Pam Gunyon

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018
I lovef it! Great music, lots of lifeguards, clean, & lots of activitiess.

Amberly Riley

Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017
Drove from Yorktown to spend the day just to find that the wave pool was not open today. Big bummer!! My kids were very disappointed as that's a big reason we make the trip. This was not posted on their website this morning. Also the wave pool was running the entire time we were here. Another aggravating thing to me is the height thing with the kid area. Some young kids are taller than others. This is just stupid policy!!

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