10 Best Honey Farms and Apiaries in Indiana!

With hundreds of honey farms in the Hoosier state, Indiana has no shortage of sweet places to get your hands on amazing honey. From Martinsville to Yoder, here are the top 10 fantastic honey farms in Indiana worth visiting.

Hunter's Honey Farm, Martinsville, IN

Hunter's Honey Farm offers buzzworthy taste exploration like no other! Become a member of their Honey of the Month Club and enjoy a different flavor of their remarkable varietal honey every month. These honey are specially crafted from the nectar of various flowers, each with peculiar flavor, texture, and color. Unearth a new flavor journey and immerse yourself in honey-made bliss.

Bastin Honey Bee Farm LLC, Knightstown, IN

Bastin Honey Bee Farm LLC is a lovely oasis for honey and bee lovers alike! Taste the sweetest honey varieties with the purest honey and bee products straight from the hive. Treat your taste buds to the finest of Bastin Honey Bee Farm.

Sweet Life Honey Farm, Huntington, IN

Sweet Life Honey Farm is a superb place to satisfy your sweet tooth! Their honey, made from a natural blend of Indiana summer flowers, comes in a beautiful light golden color and boasts a sweet, mild flavor. Perfect for all your culinary needs, Sweet Life Honey Farm has you covered!

Garfield Honey Co., Indianapolis, IN

Treat yourself to nature's excellence as it was always intended with Garfield Honey Co.! Their locally sourced, artisan honey provides a natural sugariness and nutrients that traditional processed honey can't offer. Enjoy natural honey straight from the hive to your table without the use of any high-heat processes or filtration. Savor honey the way the bees do and add a sweet natural flavor to any dish!

Haughville Honey, Indianapolis, IN

Haughville Honey is buzzing with local energy! This small family-owned honey farm in Indianapolis provides organic, unpasteurized raw honey, giving you the best of the best. Plus, when you purchase here, you know you are supporting the local economy. Be local - Buy local at Haughville Honey!

Carter's Honey Bees, Auburn, IN

Carter's Honey Bees is a family-owned business humming with great flavor. With an impeccable focus on providing quality Italian honey bee nucs, their wildflower honey will surely make your taste buds go wild. Come and try their delicious honey today for the honey-tasting adventure of a lifetime!

King Bee, Rockville, IN

King Bee LLC is the go-to spot for all things bee-related! Rockville area residents can find everything they need for their beekeeping supplies, from honey and bee hive to beekeepers clothes and honey bee feeds. Discover the sweet world of honey bees at King Bee LLC!

RJ Honey, Crawfordsville, IN

If you're searching for an organic treat straight from nature's kitchen, RJ Honey is the place to be! Whether you're a beekeeper or a honey-lover, you'll find top-quality local honey, uncooked from the comb - pure and fresh. Stop by and get a taste of RJ's honey!

Hoosier Bee Man, La Porte, IN

Meet the Hoosier Bee Man, the ultimate source of pure and gorgeous-tasting honey. Their 100% raw honey is lightly filtered for the best possible taste and never pasteurized or adulterated with added sugars. Discover the unparalleled satisfaction of knowing your honey comes straight from nature to the hives and straight to your home. Get your honey fix today!

McComBees Apiaries, Yoder, IN

McComBees Apiaries is the go-to source for all your natural hive product needs. Savor the sweetness of all-natural honey sourced from the local hives of Northeast Indiana. From pure raw to creamed honey, take your taste buds on a flavor-packed journey! Treat your taste buds with the purest and all-natural honey from McComBees Apiaries.

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